Ranch style home most popular style homeWhen buying a home, most homebuyers won’t make the investment unless they sense a connection to the property. Even with the ability to change the decor, it’s no surprise that many buyers consider home styles before looking at a home.

According to a recent Redfin study, seven home styles are most popular in the U.S., a fact that became evident when they analyzed three-bedroom homes sold in 2018 within approximately 100 metro areas. Home styles included in the study were categorized according to how agents listed them in the MLS, though obviously, style definitions are not set or classified according to any precise definition.

# 1 Ranch Style

Accounting for an impressive 36% of the listings sold in top areas like Atlanta, ranch style homes continue to be a popular style of home. It’s also one of the most affordable styles of home, with the single-story architecture attracting the hearts and minds of homebuyers, while also being lovingly referred to as ‘ramblers’ in some communities.

# 2 Craftsman

Craftsman homes have thick trim, prominent beams, and open floor plans. In other words, these homes highlight the craftsmanship that goes into building them. The striking features alone earn craftsman style properties a second place on Redfin’s list, with the style proving particularly irresistible to homeowners in Northwest locations like Seattle and Oakland.

# 3 Townhouse

Unsurprisingly, the iconic U.S. townhouse landed at third place on the list, though high prices in areas like Boston mean that sales are lower at a more modest 8%. Complete with sandstone and red-brown hues, this is perhaps one of the most iconic architectural styles to date.

# 4 Contemporary

It might be a newer contender on the housing market, but the contemporary style of home storms into fourth place, especially in prime areas like LA. Prices might be high, but crisp finishes with large windows and dramatic architecture are still a tempting lure for buyers who can afford them.

# 5 Modern

Along the same lines, modern homes are up next, and especially popular in California. Admittedly, some contemporary and modern styles are somewhat similar, but real estate listings determine that modern homes typically incorporate stricter style formats than their contemporary counterparts. Distinctive for their flat roofs and integrated outdoor spaces, modern style homes continue to be popular.

# 6 Colonial

From the new to the old, colonial architecture is proving its place in U.S. culture. In fact, it accounts for 26% of the homes sold in Boston, winning out over any other style in the metro. With grand facades that include charming classical features, ornamental doorways, and windows you can see across the street, colonial-style homes are enjoying a comeback in popularity.

# 7 Cape Cod

The cottage-style found in traditional Cape Cod homes continues to win over around 3% of Chicago homebuyers. Cape Cod styled homes have a symmetrical design and fairytale feel that’s impossible to deny.

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