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Affordable Home Inventory Grew in February [VIDEO]

The number of homes actively for sale in February was notably higher, growing by 14.8%, which was the fourth straight month of inventory growth. Meanwhile, the median price of homes for sale this February remained relatively stable compared to the same time last year, growing by just 0.3%. Homes also [...]

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Number of Homes for Sale and New Listings Improve in January [VIDEO]

Realtor. com®'s January housing data shows the number of homes for sale and new listing activity continues to improve compared to January 2023. Listing prices continue to rise slowly, with few existing homes for sale. Meanwhile, time on the market is below that of recent years.   © 2023 xpertRealtyMarketing. [...]

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Home Sales Activity Notably Higher in December [Video]

Home sellers were more active in December than in December 2022, with the number of homes for sale increasing, ending a seven-month decline in listings. Home prices remained relatively stable. However, many homebuyers appear to be delaying purchasing a new home due to current interest rates. © 2024 xpertRealtyMarketing. [...]

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The Impact of Transportation on Real Estate Values

Investments in transportation infrastructure don't just ease commuting. They significantly impact real estate values, prompting urban development in unexpected areas. This blog post explores how transport investment influences property values and what this means for urban development in the future. The Relationship Between Transportation and Real Estate Public transport is [...]

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17 Recent Real Estate Myths Debunked

In real estate, misinformation can be rampant, leading to poor decision-making, costly mistakes, or missed opportunities. Like in any other industry, real estate is laden with myths that can cloud judgment and influence decisions, particularly for first-time buyers or sellers. From misconceptions about real estate agents to misunderstandings about home [...]

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The Impact of Local Businesses on Real Estate Values

Understanding the relationship between local businesses and real estate values provides invaluable insight for business owners and property investors. This relationship is an essential consideration for potential investors and those seeking to enhance the value of their properties. The success of businesses in a given area can be a significant [...]

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2024 Housing Market Forecast [Video]

Realtor.com predicts modest economic growth with long-term interest rates, including mortgage rates, to begin a slow decline. The outlook for 2024 includes a dip in home prices, which should help improve affordability for homebuyers. In addition, the number of unsold homes on the market is expected to remain low, and [...]

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Home Sellers Were Less Active in October

The inventory of homes for sale continued to grow late into the season as home sellers were less active in October, with 3% fewer newly listed homes compared to 2022. In addition, the number of unsold homes, including homes under contract, decreased by 3.7% compared to last year, while [...]

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More Than Typical Housing Inventory Growth in September [Video]

September's housing inventory grew more than is typical for this time of year. While homes sold fairly quickly, the inventory crunch continued, with 4% fewer homes actively for sale on a typical day in September compared to the same time in 2022.   © 2023 xpertRealtyMarketing. Sign up to have [...]

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Inventory of Homes for Sale Remains Constrained [Infographic]

September 2023 Highlights Homebuyers contend with high prices, high mortgage rates, and lower inventory than in September 2022. The total number of unsold homes, including those under contract, decreased by 7.15% compared to last year. Home sellers were less active, with 9.1% fewer newly listed homes compared to September 2022. [...]

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