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July 2023 Monthly Housing Market Report [Video]

A lack of newly listed homes contributed to an inventory crunch in the nation's housing market, with fewer homes on the market compared to last year. There was a decline in the number of newly listed homes for sale, and the national median home list price dropped slightly to $440,000 [...]

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Home Prices Decline Again in July [Infographic]

July 2023 Highlights The median price of homes for sale decreased by -0.9% annually to $440,000 in July, the second month in a row that listing prices decreased on a year-over-year basis. Home sellers were less active in July, with 20.8% fewer new homes listed for sale than last July. [...]

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Home Inventory Growth Slowed in June [Video]

Home inventory growth slowed across the country in June as sellers continued to list fewer homes than last year, and buyers competed over the remaining affordable homes for sale. Although the median asking price for a home grew seasonally, June saw the first year-over-year decline in the median list price [...]

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Sellers Listed Fewer Homes for Sale in June [Infographic]

June 2023 Highlights The total number of unsold homes decreased by 4.6% compared to last June. The number of homes actively for sale increased by 7.1% compared to June 2022, less than half of May's 21.5% rate. The June inventory growth rate is the fourth month in a row for a [...]

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Total Home Listings Declined for First Time Since June 2022 [Video]

May 2023 was the first time the total number of homes listed for sale declined year-over-year since June 2022. The total decrease in May was 0.2% as fewer potential sellers listed homes. The growth rate was down considerably from April 2023's rate of 6.2%. © 2023 xpertRealtyMarketing. Sign up [...]

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Home Sales Slowed for Third Month in a Row [Infographic]

May 2023 Highlights: The number of homes for sale increased by 21.5% compared to May 2022. The total number of unsold homes (including homes under contract) decreased by 0.2% compared to May 2022. Home sellers were less active, with 22.7% fewer newly listed homes than in May 2022. The [...]

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April Housing Market Faced Affordability Challenges [Video]

Fewer home sellers opted to put their homes on the market in April primarily due to feeling "locked in" with a lower interest rate on their current home than available for purchasing a new home. As a result, even though listing price growth slowed, higher interest rates challenged home [...]

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Homes for Sale Stayed on Market Longer in April [Infographic]

Highlights: The number of homes actively for sale increased in April by 48.3% compared to April 2022 and up slightly (0.18%) from March 2023. Home sellers were less active in April, with 21.3% fewer homes listed for sale than in April 2022. The median price of homes for sale [...]

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March Home Inventory Grew, as Growth Pace Declined [Video]

Home inventory growth slowed in March 2023 as fewer sellers put their homes up for sale than in March 2022. The March 2023 inventory increase was 9.3% compared to February's 13.3% growth. However, experts expect the coming spring housing market to be busier than this past winter.   © [...]

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Inventory of Homes for Sale Slowed but Still Grew in March [Infographic]

Highlights The number of homes for sale increased in March by 59.89% compared to March 2022. The total number of unsold homes, including those under contract, increased by 9.34% compared to last March. The median price of homes for sale increased by 6.26% annually in March, lower than February's [...]

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