Drone taking pictures of a home for a real estate listing

The short answer is a resounding yes.

Drone photography and video showcase a home in a way that excites the senses. Buyers get an aerial perspective of the home relative to neighbors and community amenities while learning about the home’s unique features.

Therefore, drone photos and videos can significantly boost your listing’s appeal when selling a home, which can help you get a higher price and sell the property more quickly.

Advantages of Adding Aerial Photos and Videos to Your Real Estate Listing

Aerial photos and videos can set your listing apart from the crowd, showing that it’s a high-end property listed by a team of serious professionals.

Drone footage displays your home and its surroundings in ways traditional photography can’t achieve. You’ll capture angles of your home that show how it fits within the property and the neighborhood.

Regular photography requires a series of photos to capture different property elements, such as a swimming pool, yard, and trees. However, you can include everything in a single shot or video with a drone.

Shots to Include in Your Drone Video

If you use a drone to video your home, include these shots:

  • Approach shot.
  • Pull-away shot.
  • Circular shot.
  • Wide shot of neighboring homes and amenities.

Use an approach shot to begin your video. This type of shot involves the drone slowly flying toward your home from a distance. Furthermore, it gives the viewer a look at the neighborhood while building anticipation for the moment your home appears on the screen, making your property the “main event.”

To conclude your video, use a pull-away shot, the opposite of an approach shot. The camera faces your home but gradually drifts away from it, giving the viewer another look at the house in the context of your neighborhood. The pull-away shot concludes your video smoothly, without an abrupt ending.

Between your approach and pull-away shots, include footage focusing intently on the home, showing imagery from directly overhead and nearby, including neighboring amenities.

DIY Drone Photography for Your Real Estate Listing

If you own a drone, real estate footage is a great way to put it to use. Consult your real estate agent about the features to showcase with the drone footage.

Before flying in your neighborhood, ensure there are no legal restrictions or areas to avoid. It’s usually legal to fly drones in a neighborhood, but you can’t take off or land on someone else’s private property.

Legal or not, drones are bothersome to some people, especially if they are unaware of why they are in the air. So communicate with neighbors before flying a drone around their homes.

Hiring a Professional Drone Photographer for Your Real Estate Listing

Hiring a professional drone photographer ensures high-quality camera work and editing. Professional drone photographers cost between $50 to $500 per hour, depending on their experience and the service they provide. And a full-day shoot can cost from $500 to $1,500 or more, depending upon services.

Closing Points

Adding drone photography and videography is an easy way to boost the value of your real estate listing and sell your home more quickly.

Drone video has revolutionized the real estate industry by offering an innovative and immersive way to showcase properties. Its ability to provide stunning aerial views, tell a compelling story, highlight unique features, and capture the essence of a property’s surroundings, sets it apart from traditional photography or static images.

As the demand for captivating online listings grows, integrating drone video and photography into the selling process becomes a powerful and indispensable tool for real estate professionals.

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