Some fresh point colors can boost the value of your home when putting it up for sale

The global demand for house painting services continues to grow. But what’s the reason for this notable trend?

First, there is an increasing focus on property improvement. Plus, many owners are trying to make their homes more appealing. The fact that exterior painting makes a property stand out is also a huge contributor to the home improvement trend, especially for homeowners wanting to add value to their property.

Whichever reason you have in mind, there is no denying that painting your home can enhance its value. However, you’ll only enjoy positive results by choosing the right paint colors.

So, what are the best paint colors that increase the value of your home?

Types of Paint Colors

Understanding the various types of paint colors is essential before selecting the option that fits your home design.

  • Neutral colors create a clean and fresh look that appeals to many buyers. They also allow homeowners to style their rooms easily and match various options without making a mess. Examples are gray, beige, and shades of white.
  • Bold colors can add personality and a sense of luxury to your home. Examples include forest green, burgundy, and navy blue.
  • Earthy colors like terra cotta, brown, and olive green create a warm atmosphere.
  • Pastel colors, such as baby blue, pale pink, and mint green, are ideal for bathrooms, nurseries, and bedrooms.
  • Bright colors are perfect for playrooms, children’s rooms, and home offices. A space with bright walls can improve the residents’ mood. These colors include hot pink, orange, and yellow.
  • Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are other options for bathrooms and bedrooms. They can create a meditative atmosphere, helping you relax.
  • Warm colors are perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

With a variety of shades to choose from, which of them can increase the value of your home? Here are a few options to consider.

Blue Colors for Your Bathroom and Bedroom

As mentioned above, blue is one of the best bathroom and bedroom colors. It offers a calming and soothing spa-like atmosphere that inspires relaxation and tranquility.

Blue is also versatile. You can pair it with other colors and materials, such as beige, pale peach, and coral. For instance, you can add a pop of color with a bright blue shower curtain or match your towels.

The visual interest of this color attracts many potential buyers. Most buyers will pay 1.6% more than expected for homes with blue bathrooms. The main reason for this could be the timeless nature of blue, which appeals to a wide range of customers.

Neutrals for the Living Room

Keep things neutral when painting the areas where you gather with family members and guests, such as your living room. Other options like blue make a safe choice, but experts suggest that these colors are polarizing. Some buyers may fancy them, while others dislike the combination.

Go for some of the most popular colors, such as gray, beige, and shades of white. A living room in any of these colors captivates potential buyers.

Plus, neutral colors are versatile, allowing you to explore or experiment. For example, a brilliant idea would be to add a pattern with throw pillows, a bold area rug, or artwork.

Shades of White for the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the top spaces buyers check during site visits or virtual tours. One way to make it look striking is to use white paint.

Many consider this color the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and there is every reason for that. Fresh and clean, white brightens the space.

It’s especially ideal for a small kitchen since it reflects light, making the area seem larger. In addition, warm white allows prospective homeowners to picture themselves in that space as they do their imaginary planning.

Buyers often pay less for homes with kitchens painted in colors other than white. For example, a bright red kitchen may lower the price homebuyers are willing to pay by approximately $1,500.

Light Pastels for the Living Space

Pastel colors create an inviting and relaxing space. The best part is they don’t demand too much creativity to make the room appealing.

Light pastels also add drama to your living room or bedroom. Their softness makes them ideal, as they won’t overpower the space. Some pastel colors you can try are light silvery blue, dusty plaster pink, soft gray-green, and majestic mauve.

Closing Points

Paint colors can make a huge difference, increasing the value of your home by thousands of dollars. You can never go wrong with timeless, elegant shades like blue and white or light pastels.


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