At Marimark Realty, we believe in protecting the information of all our current and past customers in a confidential and secure manner.


We do not sell or rent customer information.

We only share customer information with employees and companies providing services to service your needs.

Our policy is to require all employees and companies providing services on our behalf to keep customer information confidential.

Personal Information We Collect

We only collect personal information from customers that is necessary to serve their mortgage needs. We consider all information about our customers in our possession to be personal and private.

Safeguarding Personal Information

We have implemented procedures regarding physical and electronic information to maintain confidentiality and integrity of customers’ personal information. These include, but are not limited to, procedures for controlling access to customer files, building security, and firewalls.

Our policy is to permit employees access to your personal information only if they have a business purpose for using such information.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at your earliest convenience.