Affordable Home Inventory Grew in February [VIDEO]

The number of homes actively for sale in February was notably higher, growing by 14.8%, which was the fourth straight month of inventory growth. Meanwhile, the median price of homes for sale this February remained relatively stable compared to the same time last year, growing by just 0.3%. Homes also [...]

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Mortgage Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification: Understanding the Difference

Before embarking on the quest to find your dream home, laying the groundwork for a successful purchase is essential. As a prospective homebuyer, your journey begins with understanding your finances and clarifying your homebuying budget with the aid of a mortgage pre-approval vs. pre-qualification. When to Consider Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval [...]

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Foreclosure to Dream Home: The Fixer-Upper Financial Guide

A fixer-upper is a property listed at a lower price than comparable homes because it needs repairs, renovations, or updates. These homes offer a unique opportunity for potential homeowners to create the space of their dreams, often at a more affordable price point. However, fixer-uppers are best suited to those [...]

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Key Profit-Maximizing Strategies for Short-Term and Mid-Term Rentals

Over time, the travel landscape has experienced a seismic shift with the ascendance of the short-term rental market. From bustling cities to quiet suburban enclaves, property owners are tapping into the burgeoning demand for temporary lodging that offers the comfort of a home. The appeal extends to a diverse traveler [...]

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Top House Hunting Strategies: Essential Tips for Homebuyers

Buying a house is an exhilarating journey that marks a significant milestone in life. With excitement comes the responsibility of making informed decisions that will impact your future. So, here are some of the top house-hunting tips to keep you grounded while buying a home. Establish Your Housing Budget Ensuring [...]

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Key Terms Every Homebuyer Must Know

Real estate encompasses much more than just land and buildings. It signifies a person's stake in one of the foundational assets for wealth and stability. Real estate represents tangible roots within a community and the chance for long-term financial stability. So, in this article, we review the key terms every [...]

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Number of Homes for Sale and New Listings Improve in January [VIDEO]

Realtor. com®'s January housing data shows the number of homes for sale and new listing activity continues to improve compared to January 2023. Listing prices continue to rise slowly, with few existing homes for sale. Meanwhile, time on the market is below that of recent years.   © 2023 xpertRealtyMarketing. [...]

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Luxury Living Unveiled: Secrets to Buying High-End Homes

In today's real estate market, luxury transcends mere amenities; it's a harmonious blend of prime location, architectural significance, and lifestyle enhancement. When you step into the world of high-end homes, you're not just purchasing square footage but investing in a standard of living draped in exclusivity and tailored for comfort. [...]

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City Chic or Beachfront Bliss? Which is Your Dream Property

When you're captivated by the vibrancy of city life, the thought of residing amid the hustle and bustle is nothing short of exhilarating. City chic living draws you into the core of progress and excitement, where every building tells a story of architectural grandeur, and every street corner holds a [...]

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Home Sales Activity Notably Higher in December [Video]

Home sellers were more active in December than in December 2022, with the number of homes for sale increasing, ending a seven-month decline in listings. Home prices remained relatively stable. However, many homebuyers appear to be delaying purchasing a new home due to current interest rates. © 2024 xpertRealtyMarketing. [...]

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