A long time ago a real estate tycoon said, “The three most important things about real estate are location, location, location.” The adage tells us that no matter how nice a house or building may be, the location will determine if it’s a good investment.

Today, Nick Catchur, a real estate agent with Marimark Realty, tells us there are also three important things to remember when you’ve found that perfect piece of real estate. These three things are the three “S’s.” When you inspect real estate, remember the three “S’s” – Safety, Structure, and Sanitary.

In the video below, Nick explains the three “S’s” of inspection.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Nick Catchur here, real estate agent Tampa, Florida. Here at the Marina Club off of North Howard, just finishing up a post-inspection walkthrough with my clients.

A little bit about inspections is there’s three “S’s” I like to tell my clients to keep in mind: Safety, Sanitary, and Structure.

So, Safety – that involves anything with electrical outlets, and things that can get you hurt or have any kind of hazardous issues.

Structure – that’s anything that deals with the walls, cracks, foundations, anything of that sort.

And then Sanitary – that involves anything like cockroaches, rodents. Anything that’s possibly affected in that regard, termites with destroying organisms.

So, keep those things in mind going forward when you order an inspection for a new home that you’re looking to buy.

And once again, Nick Catchur, real estate agent here in Tampa, Florida. At the Marina Club.