Home Design Trends to Know Before Selling Your HomeLast year, due to COVID-19, homeowners were confined to their homes, desperate for a change in scenery, leaving homeowners looking for ideas to renovate and make changes to areas in their homes. Design experts say the events of 2020 have led to some of the biggest home trends yet.

Here are the latest design trends for homeowners looking to maximize space in their homes.

Home Offices

Many employees assumed that working from home would be a short-term situation. Many set up their workspace at the kitchen table or wherever that could house a computer and paper. However, as COVID-19 numbers continued to rise, employees learned that the temporary status of working from home would become a long-term situation and possibly permanent.

Working from the kitchen table and living room was no longer ideal for employees, with many desiring to have a dedicated office and workspace. Homeowners are transforming spare rooms and even hall closets into fully functioning office spaces.

Since working from home has become the new normal, a dedicated home office space is a highly sought-after feature for home buyers.

Separated Spaces

While open floor plans were once a trend, the pandemic has homeowners interested in closing off the open spaces, creating separate living spaces throughout their homes.

The need for separate spaces has become a priority for homeowners. Last year, the pandemic forced multiple family members to share one area, leaving little room for privacy. Spaces that homeowners can repurpose for school, work, or to have a little privacy are highly desirable.

Since homebuyers seek more space and privacy throughout homes, home sellers who take advantage of this design trend should expect to sell their homes quickly.

Houseplants and Indoor Vegetation

Houseplants and indoor gardens became a popular trend during the pandemic. Since the pandemic made it difficult for some to get out and enjoy nature, many homeowners brought the outdoors into their homes, collecting plants of all kinds.

Indoor plants and trees, even generously sized ones, have become a popular feature in homes.

Rattan and Woven Accents

Besides houseplants, homeowners bring other natural elements into their homes, such as rattan, wicker, and different woven accents.

Homeowners can use these natural pieces throughout the home, such as laundry baskets, side tables, or drink holders. However, these pieces are best in small doses.

Wood-Grain Cabinets and Counters

In kitchens, one of the most popular areas of a home, homeowners are leaning towards natural materials. Organic and natural elements in the kitchen, such as wood-grain cabinets and counters, allow homeowners to connect with nature.

Instead of black and white matte finishes, homeowners embrace a more natural look with wood-grain cabinets or wooden countertops.

Playgrounds and Garden Amenities

With the pandemic shutting down many parks and outdoor areas for children, homeowners decided to turn their backyard into a playground area.

Climbing frames, swings, and treehouses are all great additions that will catch the eye of prospective homebuyers. As buyers look to find larger spaces for their families, home sellers can offer them excellent outdoor facilities that their children will enjoy.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor spaces that homeowners can use year-round have become more popular than ever. Screened-in porches, patio or deck areas, and firepits have all become popular amenities. However, outdoor kitchens have become the most popular design trend during the pandemic.

Outdoor kitchens are a beautiful addition to homes with a suitable climate, allowing homeowners to enjoy nature.

Home sellers can add an outdoor kitchen to their home, attracting homebuyers looking for more home entertainment areas.

Smart Bathrooms

Smart appliances have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

As Covid-19 has created more awareness towards hygiene, homeowners will soon focus on bathroom renovations to include smart appliances.

Touchless appliances operated by motion sensors, alongside energy-efficient smart showers, could be significant design trends in 2021.

Retro Interior Design

With the pandemic’s stress and difficulties, homeowners sought comfort by bringing retro furniture and unique color palettes into their homes.

Homebuyers should expect to see more ’80s and ’90s styles throughout homes.

Cozy Ambience

Instead of clean and modern design elements, homeowners have drifted towards vibrant colors, natural wood accents, and personality in their home décor.

Since homeowners want to feel more at ease in their homes, design trends are leaning more toward fun, comfortable, and casual.

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