Two people shaking hands after a saleReal estate agents are an important part of buying and selling a home. This is reflected in a study published in 2018 showing that as many as 90% of people buying or selling a home in the U.S. used a real estate agent. 

It’s possible to buy and sell a home on your own, but there are important reasons to use a real estate agent. So, let’s review the benefits of using a real estate agent as we separate them into two categories: homebuyers and sellers.


Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases most people will make over their lifetime. If you overpay for a home or have trouble later due to something not handled correctly in the purchase process, you could pay dearly. So for most buyers, using a real estate agent to buy a home is one of the best decisions they can make. Besides, the seller pays the commission to the homebuyer’s agent, so why wouldn’t you want to use an agent. Even some for sale by owner (FSBO) home sellers will pay the commission to the buyer’s agent.

Negotiating Deals 

The asking price is seldom the final sales price because the price is usually negotiated until settling on the final price.

Real estate agents are experts at negotiating on behalf of the homebuyer and ensuring that the price and details of the contract are favorable. They study the local housing market, researching market trends and analyze comparable homes to determine realistic prices for homebuyers to pay. Agents also develop strategies for negotiating the lowest price for a home, including seller concessions.

Negotiating the purchase of a home not only takes skill, but also takes a great deal of knowledge relating to every aspect of the process that can affect the price, such as the inspection, appraisal, history of the property, and the market.

Fiduciary Duty 

Real estate agents are legally required to put the interests of their clients first. Legally, they must follow certain procedures for keeping client information confidential and acting on their behalf. 

If your agent misleads you, misuses confidential information, or otherwise betrays your best interests, there are ways to hold the agent accountable through the National Association of Realtors.

Homebuyers, therefore, should not use an agent that also represents the seller. Buyers should use a “buyer’s agent” that solely looks out for their interests, not the seller’s interests.

Finding Great Properties 

Real estate agents stay abreast of listings on the MLS, which is a searchable database available to the public. Agents can also have “pocket listings,” which are not on the MLS or publicly advertised.

Furthermore, agents constantly tour new listings as they are put on the market. So, experienced real estate agents have intimate knowledge of the local housing market and the best homes as they come available for sale.

Real estate agents, therefore, have access to new listings and information about new properties being put on the market before the knowledge reaches the public. They’re often the first to know about new listings, open houses, price reductions, and other important details that can help you find a great home within your budget. 


A real estate agent is an advocate, who does a lot of the things you either don’t have time to do or have the expertise to do.

While you are busy with everything involved with daily life, in addition to everything involved with buying a home, your real estate agent will be working for you, such as being present for the home inspection, and generally acting on your behalf throughout the entire home buying process.

A good real estate agent smooths out the process of buying a home and takes care of problems that you may never know about that relate to the seller.

Home Sellers 

Working with a real estate agent to sell your home typically results in making more money than if you try to sell it yourself.

Most sellers who try to save money by selling their home without an agent end up hiring an agent, because the property does not sell. And, homes sold by owners are often sold significantly below the median sales price of homes sold using a real estate agent.

For example, in 2018 the media price of FSBO homes sold was $200,000, while homes sold with a real estate agent sold at a median price of $264,900, according to the National Association of Realtors 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

On average, therefore, an FSBO seller in 2018 made 25% less on the sale of their home, compared to sellers who used a real estate agent and paid the commission.

Market Knowledge

Selling a home has a great deal to do with pricing strategy, in addition to knowledge of what sells a home in a particular market.

Analysis of comparable properties that are listed and have recently sold is important, in addition to overall market comparisons. Working with a real estate agent who constantly studies the local housing market and has a track record of selling near or above asking price can be the difference in quickly selling a property or holding it for months.

Familiarity with the Process  

When selling a home, there are several different and complex steps to the process, including navigating legal requirements. Real estate agents are educated, licensed, and have experience working through the process of finding a home to buy, making and negotiating an offer, contracts, financing, and closing. 

Home Marketing 

It’s not enough to post a home for sale online and hope for the best. The home needs to be actively marketed.

Sellers often need to make specific repairs and stage the home so it is more appealing to buyers. Real estate agents are experienced in these areas, and typically advise sellers on what needs to be done to prepare the property for sale.

Real estate agents also market the property, listing it on multiple channels such as the MLS and social media, while making calls to prospects and referral partners to let them know it is on the market. 

Home Showings 

Homes for sale are typical better shown by a real estate agent, who is an experienced third party that’s not emotionally invested in the property. Therefore, it’s usually better if the homeowner isn’t present during the showings.

The selling agent is at the home on the owner’s behalf to secure the home and take care of it, while also present as the salesperson. 

Negotiating the Sale 

Real estate agents work to find a qualified buyer for the home. Then when an offer is made, the real estate agent works with the homeowner and the buyer’s agent to negotiate the selling price.

The job of the seller’s agent is to sell the home for the highest price. However, the homeowner makes the final decision. 

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