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10 Tips for Choosing a Great Realtor

Buying or selling a property is a complex undertaking requiring much expertise and experience. That's why having a Realtor to help guide you through the process and ensure you make informed decisions is important. But how do you choose the right Realtor? Below is a list of crucial factors [...]

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Why Choose a Real Estate Agent Over “For Sale By Owner”

The number of houses sold in the U.S. has steadily risen since 2011, except for 2014 and 2018. In 2021, the United States sold over 6.1 million homes. This number is the highest in the recent history of the country's real estate market. Experts expect this trend to dip [...]

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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

According to Business Insider, first-time homebuyers represent about 27% of the real estate market. Although there is a 10% drop from what was recorded in 2021, it still constitutes a significant portion of the total annual homebuyers. Since buying or selling a home is one of the most significant [...]

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Why Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Are you considering selling your home? It might seem like a great idea to sell your home yourself. Selling your home yourself could mean saving the typical 5-6% commission fee that real estate agents charge. However, there are several reasons to consider working with a professional real estate agent. [...]

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5 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Many homeowners are tempted to sell their homes without a real estate agent, wanting to save money by not paying a sales commission. However, listing your home on your own, known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), can have adverse results. Using a real estate agent allows sellers to save [...]

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The Differences Between a Listing Agent, Selling Agent, and Seller’s Agent

Understanding the difference between a listing agent, a selling agent, and a seller's agent can be confusing for homebuyers and home sellers. Each role provides a particular service during the home buying and selling process. Here is a breakdown of what these real estate terms mean, their differences, and their [...]

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